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Selina Kyl

29, United States Rating: 5.00/5.00

Mini Bio

You might've seen me around the internet being all naked and stuff. If you haven't, hi! I'm a big tittied redhead alt model camgirl w/ a big round booty and an overbite! I like streetwear, cute animals, hip hop, weed, pizza and turning your boners harder or making your panties wetter!
I can be a sweet little vixen who loves to show off or I can be very bratty/princess like and play with you, making you do whatever I say! Pick your poison!

If you're a submissive please refer to me as Miss/Princess/Goddess


  • Country United States
  • Body Average
  • Ethnic group Caucasian
  • Weight 141 - 150 lbs
  • Height 5'6"
  • Hair Length Average
  • Hair Color Red
  • Eye Color Green
  • Age 29
  • Last Login Wed, 22 May 2019
  • Orientation Bisexual
My categories
  • Alt
  • Fetish
  • Nude
  • Redhead
Got any special talents? Tell us about them.
I can squirt & eat a whole pizza. AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!
If you could have any super power, what would it be?
I would like the ability to read minds, I feel like that would make all communication super efficient!
What are your weird quirks?
I'm pretty shy despite the whole getting naked on the internet thing.
What are your pet peeves?
All my pet peeves are bathroom related, like I hate when I know someone hasn't washed their hands afterwards or if people use there phones in the restroom. I also hate when people spell my name wrong in my cam room, like it's right in front of you!
Piercings/Tattoos (How many? Where?)
I only have my ears pierced at the moment! I do however have a colorful Medusa half sleeve on my right arm, a FAFI character on my inner right forearm, "Thirteen" on my left rib in cursive (it's my lucky number plus I got it on Fri the 13th for 13$ so I couldn't beat that!), "Fuck You Pay Me" on the back of my thighs because I love the movie Goodfellas & it's fitting! Then I have a heart and cupcake on my middle fingers.
If you could close your eyes and wake up somewhere else tomorrow, where would it be?
Well, that's a hard question! My favorite place I've visited was Chicago so I guess it would be cool to wake up there so I could walk around and eat some good food. But that's just speaking from experience.
If you were about to be put to death, what would be your last meal?
Yo, this is kinda dark. Also that's a very hard question because I really love food. I guess all of my favorite foods even if it's like one bite of each & I had a palette cleanser in between everything I ate, which would include sushi, pizza, mac n cheese, cupcakes, ice cream, froyo, and crepes.
What would you do if you could be a man for one day?
I would prolly try to have sex just so I could experience what it's like to have a penis compared to a vagina.
Who's your celebrity crush?
That's super hard. I like Nicki Minaj 'cause DAT ASS.
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