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Kyra Marie
Kyra Marie
31 Years Old, Canada
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holy geez

2holy geez

I totally forgot about this part of the fan club.  Its been over a year since I last posted in here :O.  Its been a crazy year :) lots of travelling and met lots of cool people.  I was supposed to go see my best friend this weekend but I have had some car drama so I think I will stay home.  My brand new car turned out to be a lemon :O.  All is well though, they are giving me a new car but just a major headache.   I have been fostering lots and they are still dr
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soo much to tell

2soo much to tell

SO its been a crazy month for me.   I know I posted that I had some personal stuff I had to take care of and that I would be gone for awhile.  Well my step father is dying, he has leukemia and they have said thats nothing more they can do because his heart is way too weak to withstand anymore chemo and both the stem cell transplants he had last year did not work.  I feel really bad for my mom because she lost both her parents very young.   I wasn't raised by my mom
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New set

2New set

I finally posted some new pictures !  There are not very many of them but I thikn they are super sexy!!  I need some new ideas guys so please send me an inbox message so I know what you would like to see.   This month is going to be fairly busy for me.   I booked my flight to NYC for the end of the month.  Mia and I are going to see our friend there.  I haven't been to NYC in a very long time so it should be a good time.  I hope that it has at least w
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SOrry guys I have not been very good at updating my Diary.  I am a relatively private person so it really takes alot for me to post about my personal life because I hardly tell my friends what is going on nevermind the internet!!!  Animal Adoptions have gone up again, I was getting really concerned because in the past few months none of my foster animals were being adopted.  As much as I love them I do not want them forever!!!!  This weekend 3 of my foster cats got adopted an
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Well I am home! had a wonderful time with Mia.  We did get on cam a bit on Friday and Saturday and did really well.  Thankfully I made more than enough to cover my trip there.   We had a wonderful NYE party with great friends!  unfortunately my camera died so I didn't get alot of pictures but I will post some for you. 
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Well I am not sure how many of you know but I am going to go see mia again tomorrow!  She is having a house party so it should make for an interesting night!  I will probably get intoxicated and be hating my life on Friday.  and btw we are planning on going on cam sometime this weekend, probably friday during the day and possibly saturday.  Last time we were not on for very long but hopefully we will have more time this time.   I also love going to her house because
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home and sad

2home and sad

I really want to move to where Mia lives... I just love it there!  Not sure how many people noticed but we did cam together on Thursday night, it definitely wasn't as busy as it was the last time we cammed together but I guess it is because it is so close to Christmas.   We spent wayy too much shopping and I really wanted to make up that money!  oH well.  I think I am going to go see her for NYE since we don't have any other plans, I really wanted to go somewhere cool bu
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