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27 Years Old, Italy
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Katherine and Jessy's weekend

2Katherine and Jessy's weekend

---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys !! How is everyone ? Had a good and interesting weekend ? I did…heck, what a weekend !! In my last post I was telling you about meeting my girl friend Katherine and doing shows together, content for our Fan Club and having fun with her ! Well, only the last part of my plan happe
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Woo hoo!!

2Woo hoo!!

---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Double touble once again!! Woo hoo!! Can't wait to see Jessy again, fool around, get naughty and do all the crazy wild things we love to do! We're planning to entertain you guys, make you feel good and be good at being bad :) We're going to update our fanclub with lots of sexy pics and dirty clips s
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Katherine and Jessy getting together again !!

2Katherine and Jessy getting together again !!

---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------   That's right boys !! In case you haven't read on the forums, Katherine and Jessy ( in me lol) are getting together again, wooooo hooo !! We had a blast last time, amazing shows, laughed until our jaws seemed like they're gonna drop, shot some awesome pics and video for members area and a
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Dear diary.....

2Dear diary.....

---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- OH MY GOD !!!! I mean it, seriously, OH MY GOD !! I have no words to describe how much fun we had last night.....It's hard for me to be coherent, lol, I'm still so super excited about everything that happened last night, about my nights with Katherine, which now officially has become my EVIL TWI
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Katherine's thoughts

2Katherine's thoughts

Wow, that was just WOW! I had such a great time these last 3 days with Jessy. We knew we would have a blast, but that was way better than we ever expected. We definitely have to do that again and I’m pretty sure some of you would want that too. You guys wonder what we did off cam? Well, we laughed a lot, shoot lots of customs videos/ pics with fun bloopers (those were actually the best moments) AND the funny part is that we somehow even managed to get ourselves turned on while doing
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