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  • 11/22/2010

    video added

    Red Lace Teddy Enjoy!

  • 11/17/2010

    diary added

    It's only hump day? WHAT!?

  • 11/15/2010

    photo set added

    Pearls and Lace Enjoy!

  • 11/11/2010

    diary added

    BOO to technical problems!

  • 11/03/2010

    diary added

    Still sick but out of the hospital!

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  • It's only hump day? WHAT!?

    11/18/2010 00:22 AM

    That is how I feel right now.  It's only hump day!?  You've GOT to be kidding me!  I think it should be at LEAST thursday, if not friday.  Oh well!  I'm psyched to watch the Sharks game tonight (go sharks go!!!).  Going to sit down on the couch with a little bowl of ice cream and cheer and yell!  In other news... I'm really glad to be feeling better and I'm celebrating by throwing myself back into my workout routine.  It feels SO good to be getting back in...

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  • BOO to technical problems!

    11/12/2010 04:28 AM

    I have a few super sexy additions ready for you guys but there is something wrong with the site's uploader right now.  Please hang in there!  You can all expect a LOT more updates this month to make up for me being gone so long :)   just keeping you guys updated!   xoxo delilah...

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  • Still sick but out of the hospital!

    11/03/2010 18:33 PM

    Hey guys, I'm so sorry that my fan club has been lacking lately.  I am still very very sick but thankfully I'm out of the hospital and slowly recovering.  I appreciate all the well wishes, I'm doing everything I can to get better ASAP.  As crappy as I feel, I still hate being stuck on the couch.   I want to thank you guys for your patience and you can rest easy knowing that as soon as I'm able, I will be putting up some super hot content :)   xoxo delilah...

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